Euthyphro, Socrates: What The Holy And Unholy

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Throughout the essay Euthyphro, Socrates and Euthyphro are in disagreement as to “the nature of the holy,” what the holy and unhloly are. Socrates states, “Out with it now, and tell me what the holy and unholy are” (12, 11b9-10). He then once again states, “So, once again, what are you saying that the holy and unholiness is?” (15, 14c8-9). Socrates is seeking a universal definition against which all actions can be measured, the essence of the thing in question; in this situation it would be “what the holy and unholy are” (12, 11b9-10).
While Socrates seeks a universal definition of the phrase Euthyphro cannot give one and can only give examples of what holy is based on external circumstances. Socrates asks Euthyprho, “What sort of thing would

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