Evaluate the Importance of Ecosystem Management and Protection

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Evaluate the importance of ecosystem management and protection An ecosystem is defined as a group of organisms and their biophysical environment interact and exchange matter and energy, collectively, they form an ecological system. By identifying the characteristic patters of interaction it is possible to distinguish different types of ecosystem. Many forms and features have been accountable for the destruction of different ecosystems. This has been achieved within the atmosphere-varies in temperature, amount of rainfall; the hydrosphere-closely linked with atmosphere, the atmosphere determines the nature of the water cycle in a particular area; the lithosphere-determines the nature of soils and provides habitats for many of the…show more content…
Management is very important because exploiting the utility value of ecosystems, if taken to the extreme, will ultimately destroy the environment. Proper management techniques are needed to minimise the risk of environmental degradation Maintenance Immense maintenance must be undergone to protect our future ecosystems evident within our environments. Vital to such a reassessment will be the need to adopt values, attitudes and practices that conform to the idea of sustainable development. Characteristically, ecosystems that are rich in biodiversity have a greater resilience and as a result, are able to recover from natural and human induced stress. Diversity allows a species to adapt to changes within its environment. The more successful a species is at adaption, the less vulnerable it it. Communities of plants and animals tend to survive periods of stress because within the ecosystem, there are organisms not adversely affected by the change. The organisms that are most likely to survive are the ones that have certain characteristics that allow them to survive. The loss of genetic diversity that is caused by human intervention has to be considered as an opportunity cost of an
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