Impact Of Biodiversity On Social, Environmental, And Economic Factors

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A. Introduction
Humans have existed since 200,000 years but the Earth has existed around 4.5 billion years. Nature has provided us with everything we have today - food, medicines, materials, chemicals, metals, minerals etc. It can only keep providing us when we maintain the right environment for it to exist. This environment depends on the biodiversity of Earth. The number of species of plants, animals and microorganisms and the various genes in these species, different ecosystems such as deserts, rainforests and coral reefs are all part of a biologically diverse Earth. Hence Biodiversity impacts everything. We will discuss how Biodiversity plays a crucial role on social, environmental, and economic factors. We will also discuss what
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If they cannot be continued indefinitely then they are not sustainable. It is the most crucial pillar of sustainability. Maintaining biodiversity balance and reducing our carbon footprint are steps towards a sustainable future. How much resources we consume and how much we give back determines how well we are sustainably developed.

Therefore, a combination of social, economic, and environmental factors together play an important role. One pillar alone cannot be the answer to solving the loss of biodiversity issue. A battle fought on all fronts is a battle won.

Loss of Biodiversity will affect the life cycle of several species which depend on each other for survival. This dependence determines the survival of species and the change of our environment. Exploiting the biodiverse species to extinction will result in desertification, rise in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, increased pollution, increased droughts, increase in loss of items that we derive from nature for our own survival such as honey, fruits, vegetables, medicines etc. The greed to exploit will result in our ultimate extinction If a sustainable solution isn’t provided to prevent loss of biodiversity. If we continue the path we are on without taking steps to balance the equation the planet will
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