Evaluating Online Health Information

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Unit 2 Discussion 1 - Evaluating Online Health Information
Coming from a background heavy in NICU and pediatric homehealth experience, I chose to create a hypothetical situation that related to a common problem that many children contract and spread. My demographic area has a large population of immigrants and lower income families, so education and effective communication is a must.
Billy is a 3 year old little boy who until recently has been a happy, playful child. He is presenting with malaise, fever, and what appears to be tiny, red blisters in his mouth and throat and beginning on his hands and feet that are painful to the touch. His mother states that he has felt bad for a couple of days and now doesn 't want to eat or drink. He is also complaining of a "tummy ache". He attends a daycare with 10 other children. His mother states that she had been "looking things up on on the internet" and thought Billy at first had the flu. Upon assessment, he is diagnosed with Coxsackie virus, also known as Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease. As Billy 's mom discovered in her internet search, "Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease" is just one of many infections that can cause mouth sores. Often a search for the symptoms of basic medical conditions can lead people to content on more serious illnesses, therefore increasing their fears that something tragic is occuring. Billy 's mom was afraid that her son had not the flu, but something much more serious. His diagnosis of Coxsackie however, relieved her…
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