Evaluation Capacity Analysis

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In this portion of the evaluative assignments, there will be an analysis to assess the role and function of evaluations and processes with the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS). ADHS is a large and complex agency which encompasses many departments, divisions, and offices. As a result, each component and program collects different data and evaluates their capacities differently. Therefore, for this evaluation capacity analysis, the program that will be focused on is, the High Risk Perinatal Program/ Newborn Intensive Care Program (HRPP/NICP) within the Bureau of Women and Children’s Health (BWCH), Office of Children’s Health (OCH). This capacity analysis draws on data collected from previous evaluations, as well as data compiled from conversations with agency staff. With this data, the paper will discuss forms of data collected, the processes used to collect data, key players, reporting procedures, a discussion of how data is used within the agency, and a discussion of previous evaluations undertaken to assess the HRPP/NICP program. The purpose of the overall…show more content…
In order to accomplish the program’s specified mission, the HRPP/NICP developed goals which include: (1) early identification of women and children at risk of mortality and morbidity, (2) education for health professionals, families, and communities, (3) linkage of infant, toddlers, and pregnant women to risk appropriate services, and (4) establishment of standards of care (ADHS, 2009). As a result, the program has provided a safety net for Arizona families and a method for ensuring availability and accessibility of risk appropriate care to critically ill newborns and high-risk pregnant women, regardless of their ability to pay (ADHS,
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