Evaluation Of A And Incident Management Essay

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Diagnosis: Data about the day to day operations by field agents, resolution of incidents by support and incident management staff, feedback regarding the satisfaction levels from the residents were analyzed to find the sources of problems. The diagnosis process is crucial in OD interventions in identifying the necessary actions to solve the problems. The diagnosis is performed by: Analysis of Incident data: A large sample of incidents were gathered from the incident management team. Incidents were filtered with the subsystems, impact, and priority to identify the specific issues. Analysis of Management: Analysis revealed that most of the middle level IT and QA were veteran Field agents with no or little experience in their departments. This was a serious issue that needs to be changed. Analysis of Customer support: Analysis of Call data from residents and field agents to customer support was analyzed to find out the pattern of issues faced by customers in using the application. Competence Analysis: The accomplishments and the performance appraisals were analyzed to estimate the competence of the IT developers in building the existing system. This was key as frequent application crashes raise doubts of skill set of developers. Analysis of Field agents and Residents feedback: Interviews with field agents and survey of Residents have resulted in the understanding the issues they face in real time. It also helped to identify the target future after implementing the technology
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