Evaluation Of A Building Principal, List And Explain Three Major Factors That Would Guide Your Budget Decisions

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1. As a building principal, list and explain three major factors that would guide your budget decisions?
1. A factor that I will use to help guide the budget decisions is determining if the money being spent is to help meet the goals of the current school improvement plan. As a school system, the implementation of improvement plans are designed to help improve instructions for the students. This should be one of the first areas I look at when making purchases. I need to determine if I need to make purchases in order to assure that the improvement plans have the needed supplies and materials as stated.

2. Another factor that I would use to help guide the budget decisions is by determining if the district has enough staff to meet the …show more content…

By following through with my plan, it will help me be able to create a collaboration with others while addressing topics such as instructional improvements.

B. Describe two examples of how a principal might use systems management and leadership teams to share administrative duties; allowing the principal more time for instructional leadership. 1. One example would be the use of reading coaches. The principal can create a team of individuals who have the ability and knowledge to oversee the reading program. This would include reviewing weekly reading data, collaborating with other teachers on ideas and strategies, determining if reading groups are on track according to the program. They will also hold weekly group meetings with each other along with the team they are overseeing. Then at the end of each week they will submit a report to the principal that will provide data driven information on how the reading groups are progressing within the district. Then if the principal has individual concerns that the reading coaches are not able to address he/she can seek out one or two teachers instead of finding time to evaluate multiple teachers each week.
2. Another example would be the use of a special education team. The principal can create a team of special education teachers along with regular education teachers that meet once a month to evaluate data, issues, and

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