Evaluation Of A New Annual

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Porter, perhaps this has been one of the highest rework percentages since you started working in our team. For the month of January you also had a very high rework percentage. Your new 12 month average is 11.4%. Porter, this kind of performance needs to stop immediately. I am extremely concerned about your overall performance. Your whole house in compliance is 93.8% and your whole house and range is 86.9%. This percentages are perhaps also some of the lowest in our team. Your new yearly averages are 92.7% whole house complaints and 86.2% whole house in range. I know you have expressed concerns about your iPad not working and contribution to the reasons of the low scores. However you had the opportunity to correct any possibilities that may…show more content…
Porter, this month you scored 7.4 points per hour. Your new 12 month average is 7 points per hour. The team average was 8.7 points per hour and the department average was 9.14 hour. Porter the new department goal for 2016 was decreased from 10 points per hour to 9.5 points per hour. Although this goal has been reduced, you continue to fall well below the goal. Porter, this, along with every other area of responsibility in our department it is critical that you perform within the company 's expectations. You continue to score low month-over-month in productivity. You and I have already discussed how important it is that you improve your performance overall. 2016 is going to be a challenging year and you need to do whatever necessary to improve your performance . Porter, one of the challenges that we have as leaders is to motivate when employees struggles to perform within the company expectations. However there is a difference when someone takes ownership of their performance to increase their performance and when someone does not. I honestly feel that there is a lot you can do to improve yours. However it will take accepting ownership and responsibility in every area of your work here at Time Warner Cable. You need to do whatever is necessary to minimize interruptions and to increase your productivity, reduce the rework, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. I am here to

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