Evaluation Of A Special Detail Assignment For 2016 As A Member Of The Fbi Safe Streets Task Force

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I am respectfully requesting consideration for a Special Detail Assignment for 2016 as a member of the FBI Safe Streets Task Force. I have over eleven years of police experience with various duties and responsibilities. In my current School Resource Officer assignment I have gained experience investigating incident reports related to both property crimes and crimes against persons. Many of these investigations had very little suspect information and were related to crimes such as false bomb calls, assault, vandalism, burglary, theft and arson. In many of these cases, I was able to identify suspects and effect arrests. I have assisted the Gang Unit, the Major Crimes Task Force and the Detective Bureau in conducting probation and parole compliance checks, criminal investigations, vice details, surveillance details and serving search warrants. I have a good working relationship with members of the department, outside agencies and members of the community.

The below is a summary of my qualifications and expertise.

• I have been a police officer for the Pomona Police Department for approximately eleven years

• Throughout my career, my performance evaluations have always either “meet standards” or “exceeded standards”. I have obtained these types of evaluations due to my strong work ethic, good judgment, and overall professionalism.

• During all of my work assignments, I have been able to develop positive interaction with those I work with and the community members I

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