Evaluation Of A Public Health Campaign

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Laney Larsen
Evaluation of a Public Health Campaign:
The Campaign to End Obesity

Evaluation of a Public Health Campaign: The Campaign to End Obesity

The Campaign to End Obesity is a national public health campaign whose overall motto is “to advance America’s journey to healthy weight.” It is known in this current age that two-thirds of America’s adults and one-third of the youth population are overweight or obese. Even more shocking is the fact that over $200 billion has been spent on medical costs attributed to obesity. Obesity will be the main contributor for why this generation of youth will live shorter lives than their parents if we keep going at the rate we are now. This public health campaign was established in …show more content…

Another area is the campaign’s push for more effective widespread medical treatment. All of these changes are in part of changing public health policy. The campaign gives statistics and informs to influence policy makers to change current public policy on the prevalent and national disease of obesity. The sponsors of this campaign are the leaders involved with the medical and political sides of the obesity epidemic including public health providers, medical providers, and academia. They work together in this campaign to provide information on all sides of medical care, public policy, and overall health conditions and well being. The primary audience of this public health campaign is the entire population of America because obesity is defined as an epidemic and an epidemic can be defined as a widespread disease affecting vast amounts of people in a large area. We, as Americans, have the highest rate of obesity in the world, and yet we have the highest expenditures on health care in the world. The campaign is directed towards Americans of all ages, however, there is an emphasis on the rising rate of obesity among youth. A greater focus is targeted towards younger and upcoming generations, since the direction of future obesity rates is dependent on them and the changes they will make. Through use of the media, the

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