Evaluation Of A Study About Interprofessional Collaboration, And Its Significance For Nursing Practice Essay

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Acutely ill cancer clients are increasingly being treated as outpatients due to the increasing patient volume. Recently, the bulk oncology services shifted to outpatient settings, for example, physician offices, clinics, and cancer centers (Basic Infection Control and Prevention Plan for Outpatient Oncology Settings, 2016). According to Lee, Doran, Torangeau, & Fleshner, high quality interactions impact client care (2014). Therefore it is significant to gain insight on the interprofessional collaboration of outpatient oncology clinics.
This report will assess the strengths and limitations of a study about interprofessional collaboration, and its significance for nursing practice. This critical appraisal report will address the relationship between the independent variables nurses and physicians at two different cancer centres, and the dependent variables, which are supportive relationships and quality communication. This critical appraisal paper will analyze critical components of the research report, such as the title, abstract, and introduction, methods, results, and discussion, and global issues in order. Each heading will be analyzed further addressing specific subheadings. The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze the report “perceived quality of interprofessional interactions between physicians and nurses in oncology outpatient clinics,” written by (Lee, Doran, Tourangeau, & Fleshner, 2014).
Critical Analysis
The title of this quantitative

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