Intra and Interdisciplinary Teams in Healthcare Essay example

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According to American Nurses Association (2010) Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice, collaboration is defined as, “a professional healthcare partnership grounded in a reciprocal and respectful recognition and acceptance of: each partner’s unique expertise, power, and sphere of influence and responsibilities; commonality of goals; the mutual safeguarding of the legitimate interest of each party; and the advantages of such a relationship”.(p. 64). Collaboration amongst health care providers is very crucial in providing quality care to patients. Integration of disciplinary teams, improves communication, coordination, and most importantly, the safety and quality of patient care. It provides interaction between team members allowing …show more content…

Shared decision making should involve both health professionals and patients in discussions about their care. “While health professionals hold the expert clinical and technical knowledge, patients are experts about their own lives and treatment objectives, and also what is important to them when making decisions. (Lally, Macphail, Palmer, Blair and Thomsom, 2011).
Communication skills held by successful teams The fundamentals to providing quality patient care is teamwork and effective communication. According to O’Daniel and Rosenstein (2008), the components that are needed for successful teamwork as follows : • open communication • non punitive environment • clear direction • clear and know roles and tasks for team members • respectful atmosphere • shared responsibility for team success • appropriate balance of member participation for the task at hand • acknowledgement and processing of conflict • clear specifications regarding authority and accountability • clear and known decision making procedures • regular and routine communication and information sharing • enabling environment, including access to needed resources • mechanism to evaluate outcomes and adjust accordingly.
Role of teams in nursing and patient empowerment According to Burkhart and Nathaniel (2008), “empowerment is

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