Evaluation Of A Telephone Based Peer Support Intervention For Maternal Depression

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When nurses understand research, they can begin to implement changes that will benefit client care and outcomes. However, many nurses do not know how to read research studies and are unable to advocate for change in their practice. The purpose of this paper is to critically appraise a research article titled, Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of a Telephone-based Peer Support Intervention for Maternal Depression by Letourneau, N., et al. (2014) by evaluating and critiquing sections of the study. The objective of this paper is to determine if the study provided valid and reliable information that can be used to implement into nursing practice. Research Problem
The research problem the researchers are purposing is that there is a need to find acceptable and efficient treatments to prevent the long-term effects of postpartum depression (PPD) in mother-child interaction and the development of the child. This study is essential to nursing because it is nurses that may initially detect PPD in postpartum patients, as well, early detection is crucial to get treatment right away. The nurse can play a significant role in ensuring that his or her patient receives proper treatment.
Research Purpose
The purpose of the study is to examine TBPS and if it is an effective intervention (independent variable) for mothers with depression (dependent variable) who are one to twenty-four months postpartum. In addition, the researchers are examining the satisfaction level of the TPBS line for…
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