Evaluation Of An Indirect Model Of Service Delivery

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Consultation, along with supervision and assessment, is one of the three primary roles of a school psychologist. In general, consultation is an indirect model of service delivery because a consultant helps a consultee to directly help a client. More specifically, Erchul and Martens (2012) characterize school consultation as a process by which a consultant provides support to a consultee and they work together cooperatively to improve learning outcomes for a student (client). One important aspect of the consultation process is treatment integrity. Treatment integrity is when the delivering agent of the intervention or treatment implements it accurately to the client (Allen & Warzak, 2000). In addition, the accurate implementation of the intervention should be implemented consistently (Allen & Warzak. 2000). Treatment integrity plays a specific role in the consultation process in that it is related to a successful and reliable outcome of an intervention. In order for the best possible outcome, a treatment should be implemented with fidelity. If a treatment is not implemented with fidelity, there is not an opportunity to see the best outcomes for a client. Specifically within a school, the student or students are the ones who suffer from lack of treatment integrity. It is part of the consultant 's role to provide support to a teacher during the implementation phase to encourage stronger treatment integrity. In addition, it is important for the consultant to attend to

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