Evaluation Of Beaumont Hospital 's Risk Management

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The main objective of Beaumont Hospital is to provide high quality, efficient, accessible services, in a caring environment for Southeastern Michigan residents. Beaumont Hospital believes that patient safety is just as important as medical progression. Therefore, Beaumont Hospital’s risk management program consists of identifying hazard associated risks, controlling risks, and monitoring the effectiveness of procedures/practices. Risk is a part of patient care and services because everything doesn’t always go according to plan. Catastrophic patient injuries often occur because of unanticipated failures. The risk management team is responsible of effective surveillance, analysis, and prevention of events which may injure patients, lead to malpractice claims, or cause loss to the health care system. The risk management staff at Beaumont use the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) as a tool to anticipate what might go wrong with a process or product and how that failure effects the patient. FMEA is designed to dissect a particular process into its individual steps, isolate the potential steps that could cause the problem, assign a specific risk level to each abnormal step, analyze the risk potential for the process, and assign and action plan to correct the problem (Fibuch & Ahmed, 2014). The risk management team also evaluates and modifies potential problems. Beaumont Hospital’s risk management team helps avoid or eliminate risks by identifying an alternate…
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