Evaluation Of Michelle Obama And Melania Trump 's Speech Essay

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Evaluation of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump’s Speeches
The First Lady of the United States plays a huge role in the presidency of their husband and the success of their campaigning. Both Michelle Obama and Melania Trump were both a huge part of their husband’s campaign to win the presidency and Michelle Obama continued throughout the 2016 election to campaign for the democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. While campaigning for the 2016 election, the women delivered a number of speeches at rally’s and conferences persuading voters to support either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. In order to successfully persuade the audience to vote for a particular candidate, the speech must be both inspiring and unforgettable through the use of rhetorical devices.
In Michelle Obama’s speech, delivered at the Democratic National Convention on July 25th, 2016, she used her role as a mother as an appeal to ethos towards the women and parents in the audience to relate how the role of the president compares to the role of a parent in the United States. Her speech took place at a huge convention center packed with people waving signs that said “Michelle”, Michelle walked out on stage wearing a professional navy blue dress and stood in front of a navy blue background which represents the color of the democratic party. She begins her speech with an appeal to ethos with reflecting the last time she was at the convention eight years ago and appearing as a credible speaker. Michelle

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