Qualities Of A Good President Essay

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In any presidential election, it is important to take the characteristics of each candidate into consideration in order to determine who is most qualified for the title “president of the United States”. Being a president of a country comes with a great deal of responsibility. A president is required to make appearances, present speeches, be involved in foreign affairs, help make military decisions, and serve as a representative of the nation as a whole. To be a good president, one must be able to present their arguments eloquently with sufficient evidence provided to support their claims. Though the practice of good rhetoric is fundamental in any potential president, it is not the only the only skill necessary to be considered a good president. …show more content…

A president with a humble heart would be less likely to become corrupt with power. Since the president’s decisions affect the United States citizens as a whole, the president must be cautious and wise. The president must be sure to explore every available avenue to find the best plan of action which would bring forth the best result. An open mind, a strong sense of diplomacy, honesty, and accountability are also important factors of a good president. Diplomacy is necessary to be able to come to a compromise with an opponent by understanding and using some of the opponent’s proposed ideas to find a middle ground. Presidential candidate Donald Trump does not fit the characteristics a good president should have because of his lack of political background, his narcissism, his inability to argue without committing logical fallacies, and his discriminatory remarks towards people of other races, religions, and

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