Evaluation Of Nursing Rehabilitation Counselor

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7. Will you refer the client/client to other team members? Which one(s) and why? (Does the group justify who they will make referrals to or why they aren’t going to make a referral? [not a good idea not to make a referral for this assignment])
Jessica will continue receiving services from her rehabilitative team which includes an occupational therapy, physical therapy and prosthetist. Recommendations for Jessica will include a clinical psychologist and vocational rehabilitation counselor. The clinical psychologist may assist Jessica with identifying her emotions and how to work through them in a healthy method (Vaughn, 2014). In addition, the clinical psychologist will help with managing her phantom limb pain and any post-traumatic stress
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In addition, therapeutic use of self will enhance the interaction with Jessica (Taylor, 2014). It is important for the occupational therapist can ask open ended questions and show empathy within the therapy process to build a therapeutic relationship (Gillen, 2014). This will establish trust and confidence between therapist and client (Gillen, 2014). For someone who sustain major injuries such as Jessica, establishment of a therapeutic relationship is important (Taylor, 2014). The occupational therapist should show a positive outlook during therapy session increase rapport (Gillen, 2014).
9. How will you justify the need for OT services? (How does the group justify the need for OT services? Is it believable and logical?)
● Problem list
● Burns (Hall, 2013)
● Bilateral Amputation (Hall, 2013)
● Loss of hearing (Hall, 2013)
● ADL/IADLS (Hall, 2013)
● Wheelchair (Hall, 2013)
● Decrease strength (Hall, 2013)
● Educate on prosthetic (Hall, 2013)
● Educate on adaptive equipment (Hall, 2013)
● Driving (Hall, 2013)
● Fall risk (Hall, 2013)
● Impaired Strength with upper and lower extremity (Hall, 2013)
● Balance (Hall, 2013)
● Altered body image (Hall, 2013)
● Depression (Hall, 2013)
● Phantom limb and phantom limb sensation (Hall, 2013)
● Residual limb pain and hypersensitivity (Hall, 2013)
● Functional mobility impairment (Hall, 2013)
● Pain (Hall, 2013)
● Infections control (Hall, 2013)
Occupational therapist played an important role when working
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