Evaporationin Our Daily Life

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In a society based only on materialistic possessions, sometimes we overlook even the simplest of things, and the most valuable to our survival as a human race and as a planet. Everywhere around us people envy great architects and artists because of their remarkable creations. Though, we, as a human race disregard the importance of less tangible commodities, developed by the greatest artist ever, Mother Nature. She has given us the most magnificent and staggering artwork imaginable, our environment. But only through the most convoluted processes have these masterpieces been created. From humans to flowers and everything in between, a thorough process is behind everything. Before birth, for example, human must grow and develop through their…show more content…
But aside from Temperature, many other factors are recognized as affecting the rate of evaporation.

The second factor, which we believe, plays a role in the rate at which evaporation occurs is surface area. Surface area of a liquid could be defined as the area or amount of water which in constant contact with the atmosphere. Surface area plays a large role in our weather systems, as shown by our oceans. Our oceans our widely exposed to the atmosphere and have a large surface area. This in turn allows them to produce most of the moisture in the air through evaporation.

The change in the rate of evaporation by surface area is evident for all eyes in the proceeding experiments later in this report. The effect that surface area has on evaporation can be explained using the example from the understanding concepts question #1 on page 535.

In this question it states that one litre of water is placed into each a pie plate and a jar. They were both placed into the same room and were given time to evaporate. Our prediction is that the water in the pie plate would evaporate quicker, assuming its opening was wider than the jar. This would be because of the difference in surface area. In this case as in every other increase in evaporation due to surface area increase, it can be explained by one simple fact. Allowing the two reactants (air and water) to contact more of each other will increase the rate of reaction. This occurs because of the increase in the number of

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