Even Though They Have Close Relations, There Exist Many

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Even though they have close relations, there exist many differences between Islam and Hinduism. Both religions existed near each other, and still do to this day. The term Hinduism actually comes from the word Hindu, which meant not Muslim in Arabic. While both religions might have originated out of the same area, their belief systems are nearly opposites of each other. Muslims believe in a pantheon of gods, so to speak. The list of the Hindu gods is nearly never-ending, with each god having multiple offspring and versions of themselves, called avatars. For example, Vishnu, a relatively well know god within the Hindu religion, has avatars such as Koorma, Matsya, and Varaha, among others. In Islam, however, there is only one god. They refer…show more content…
It is the Muslim version of heaven, which promises everything that one could ever want on the mortal plane. This helps those that are worshipers of this religion stay faithful to the practices and rituals, as they don’t want to lose their opportunity of Jannah. The prophets of Islam are the messengers of Allah, those who are chosen to speak and spread his word. These are regarded as the highest level of divinity one can achieve, as they also reside in the highest level of Jannah. Even though the prophets are the outlet Allah used to use to spread his word and faith, there has not been one since Mohammed, who is also the cause of the birth of the religion. In Hinduism, divinity is handled very differently. The divine are those that are considered otherworldly. There are multiple gods that exist within the religion, all who are lesser to the Supreme Being. While there exists a supreme being, this does not mean that it is the entity that worshipers pray to. In Hinduism, you do not need the favor of the most powerful god for guidance, as any god will do the job. This, in essence handles the aspect of the Hindu pantheon and its place in the religion. For a worshipper to achieve Moksha, or their salvation. When saying Moksha is the Hindu salvation, what is really meant is that it is the release from the continuous cycle of death and rebirth. The caste system also plays a part in Moksha, as it is a common belief that you are
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