Evening Over Sussex: Reflections in a Motor Car by Virgina Woolf

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In “Evening Over Sussex: Reflections in a Motor Car” by Virginia Woolf, the narrator is riding in a car through the landscape of Sussex, as the day is approaching nightfall. In this 'journey', she appears to be depressed, due to the thought of aging. She then looks back into the past, contemplating her experiences, but develops a change in thought, changing from melancholy to delight, that changes her meaning of life. According to the statement by Hilliary Clark, “the process of self – othering”, what she meant is that you have to experience not only your current perception of the world, but also through other perceptions of the world, while trying to gain a new understanding of the world. Through this method, the narrator is able to experience and understand emotions that are meaningful to her. In this essay, she divides her impressions of her current self into “four selves”- the first two selves representing the decay of beauty, the third self being the current perspective of the narrator, with the fourth self being optimistic towards the future. The threshold that Woolf is crossing in her essay is her perception towards life and death and its significance towards the human experience, as she is using the justification that death is meaningful in our lives. Towards human perception, what Woolf is saying is that common patterns and daily routines, such as “Eggs and bacon...and then to bed,” suggests the continuation of emotion and thought that give rise to new meanings

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