Everly Spreading Play Summary

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HOLLY WOODSEN (25) and ALLY FIELDING (25) nervously watch a play at the theater as a STORYTELLER narrates that it’s a story about hope that took place at the town’s High School when three teenagers prevailed to help save a Muslim friend. The play begins. JAMIE, a freshman, resembles Ally, and AMBER resembles HOLLY. They attend band practice with ARIA, a Muslim girl, and KEVIN. When it’s time for their science class, Aria decides to stay behind, as the others go to class. During MISS RITTER’s class an announcement is made that the school’s on a lockdown. The friends worry about Aria. They don’t know where she is. Jamie and Amber sneak out of the classroom to go find her. They see a shadow and don’t know who it is, but then they run into …show more content…

The flute lays bent and dented on the other side of the room. Inside the flute case is a note. In the stairwell, EUGENE WILLIAMS wears all black and a black mask. He holds a knife to the back of Aria’s neck. She’s blindfolded and her hands are tied. He stabs her in the wrist, telling her that she only has twenty-two steps left. He pulls a jar out of his pocket. Jamie, Amber, and Kevin read the note. They are horrified. It tells them that that, “While stabbing is a way to kill, it all depends on the attacker’s will…. Twenty two times can a victim be stabbed, twenty two steps on the hour and eventually death.” Justice is the name signed on the note. They see the number “21” painted on the wall. They don’t know if it’s blood or not. The kids decide to go back to the class and get help from a teacher. They take the note back. The teacher isn’t sure what to think about the note, but promises to give the information to the police. The kids try to figure out what the notes means. They believe the assailant and Aria are still in the school …show more content…

Jamie finds another number on the desk. Jamie and Kevin leave the school building and are stopped by OFFICER BRENT. Jamie and Kevin give the police the information they know. Officer Brent tries to reassure Jamie and Kevin. The police show them the folder of the man they believe has Aria. Jamie and Kevin believe his motives might be racist. Jamie and Kevin sneak back into the school building. They find Eugene and Aria in the Science Classroom. Eugene has a knife up to Aria’s throat. He blames Aria’s uncle for killing his wife. She was in the building when her uncle flew the plane into the North Tower on September 11, 2001. He feels he’s carrying out justice. Eugene is about to kill her when a gunshot is fired from outside through the window. The bullet hits Eugene. The police handcuff him and charge him with attempted murder. They rush Aria to the hospital. In the hospital, Aria forgives Eugene. She knows that she’s not her uncle. Her friends are inspired by how forgiving Aria can be. Aria feels inspired by her friends for saving her

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