The Realm Of Satan - Years After The Apocalypse

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In the year 2116...years after the apocalypse...the realm of Satan….in a land we once called home Leon Winchester-Blackfire, queen of her father’s nation, and so forth. Her and her partner and their growing family are under attack by the ever powerful army of the outcasted evil. Once the apocalypse happened, several years before, the holy believers of society where taken to the promise land. What was left was the evil. As time went on, without grace, without mercy, without pity...Earth became a second a hell. There was no Earth. Not any longer. As time grew and years past, in the beginning it was to be inevitable that the evil was to burn. Although, some escaped and lived through to see another day and perhaps even more.…show more content…
It was then she realized, it was her end. Somewhere in Missouri, 2015 - Young Blaze Love awakes from a dream only to shake it off and rush to the bus stop. As he rushes to the bus stop, he grooms himself and gets dressed, plus eating cereal on the way out. He eventually makes it to the stop, only to realize he missed it. The scene changes to an Establishing shot of the school and the kids around it. Blaze’s friend Penny, frantic, searches for Blaze as she will finally show him the latest way in hacking “the system’ (the school’s grading scale and menu). She exclaims he will be late just as soon as she trips and loses all the information while Blaze arrives and hurries to catch the doors before the bell rings. During first hour, Penny lectures Blaze on how he was supposed to be there at exactly 7:45. Blaze explains to her he was sorry, he had overslept. Penny then tells him, you made me lose everything! The codes, the universal redirect links, everything! Then the teacher, Mr. Ken comes by and hands them both a detention slip and explains to them how he’s been watching them and he knows what they’re up too. Their grades will only stay F’s because they don’t work! After Blaze finishes Lunch, he strolls to the library to finish some work, just he sits down, Penny scares him and tells him that she thinks she’s remembered some of the codes. They begin to hack into the school’s system. QUICK FIND US! Exclaims Penny. Blaze
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