Every Morning I Look Myself In The Mirror, And I Ask Myself,

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Every morning I look myself in the mirror, and I ask myself, “What am I going to do today to make myself better?” Because my goal every day is that when I look at myself in the mirror again before I go to bed that same day, I will be a different man than before. I will be a better man than before. This is something I do every day not only because I want to be better, but also because I don’t ever want to go to how my life was before I decided to change it.
For most of my life I’ve dealt with anxiety, stress, and being overweight. I never realized how much those things hindered me, especially throughout high school. I was too anxious to honestly do anything. I never did anything outside of school other than the recreational sports. I didn’t …show more content…

I can remember asking my dad to try and get off the interstate, but there was no way off. We were in the left lane and everyone was stopped. My heart began to race, I started sweating, and it became difficult to breathe. It was so hard to keep calm, but I managed. What made this all worse is I didn’t know how or why this was happening. Even after the problems I had with my health had gotten better, I still had this problem with my anxiety.
After countless doctor visits the cause was still undetermined. I even went to see a psychologist for the first time in my life. There was no reason that this should be happening to me, and because of that the only answer the doctor would give me was to take more medicine. At this point I had no other options. When the whole world seemed clueless it was up to me to figure something out. I was so desperate just to get my life back to the way it was before. I researched everything I could think of that could be a cause, and eventually I had a theory. It seemed as though everything I had dealt with, not just during these few months, but over my entire life, could be attributed to the side effects of medicine. But this was just a theory.
I went to my doctor and discussed this with her, and she told me it was a possibility. So I got her to change my medicine, and started from there. Weeks later I could actually see improvement, but not much. I was able to manage getting through school, but everything else was still a possible

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