Every Running Business Needs Working Capital

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Every running business needs working capital. Even a business which is fully equipped with all types of fixed assets required is bound to collapse without adequate supply of raw materials for processing; cash to pay for wages, power and other costs; creating a stock of finished goods to feed the market demand regularly; and, the ability to grant credit to its customers. All these require working capital. Working capital is thus like the lifeblood of a business. The business will not be able to carry on day-to-day activities without the availability of adequate working capital. Subsequently, with the usage of fixed assets resulting in value additions, the raw materials get converted into work in process and then into finished goods. When sold on credit, the finished goods assume the form of debtors who give the business cash on due date. Thus ‘cash’ assumes its original form again at the end of one such working capital cycle but in the course it passes through various other forms of current assets too. This is how various components of current assets keep on changing their forms due to value addition. While managing the working capital, two characteristics of current assets should be kept in mind in which is a short life span, and swift transformation into other form of current asset. Each constituent of current asset has comparatively very short life span. Investment remains in a particular form of current asset for a short period. The life span of current assets depends

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