Everyday Use Analysis

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Because of parents, one can never fall. "Why I live at the P.O." by 'Eudora Welty' and "Everyday Use" by 'Alice Walker' forced me to wonder how parents can choose between their children whom to love, support and give more preference as parents are considered for their unbiased love towards their babies. The point of view, tone, and plot of both stories show that Sister is bold, more clear, independent and, undeviating regarding her behavior, and what she wants, and has no fear to confront anyone against her even upon banished by her family than Maggie, whose fear overpowers her.
"Why I live at the P.O." and "Everyday Use" are first-person narratives whose narrators are Sister and Mama respectively. Sister tries to make readers dislike Stella-Rondo by recounting all the injustices happened to her. "Stella-Rondo is exactly twelve months to the day younger than I am and for the reason she's spoiled"(46) shows Stella-Rando is more beloved. In the same manner, Mama portrays Dee in such a way that she is not much likable. "She used to read to us without pity ...... we seemed about to understand"(79) depicts that they were repressed …show more content…

Moreover, the whole family is taking Stella-Rondo's side. She argues with her mother beyond the limits of fact that she will not be able to come back home once she leaves. And after that, they totally cut her off. In "Everyday Use", Mama and Dee have a quarrel over Grandma's quilts which Mama constantly refuses to give them to Dee. When Maggie says she doesn't want them, Mama knows she is saying this because she is afraid of Dee. So she pushes Dee away by saying that she will give them to Dee as a wedding

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