Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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A family 's past is not always the greatest but it 's important to cherish and embrace your family 's past because it helps to shape who you are. In the short story "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker, the central idea is that people sometimes appreciate historical items differently.This story can be placed in the category of drama because the argument between two family members causes the truth to come out.The story is about a Mom and two daughters, Maggie and Dee, Maggie and Mama live together in the countryside of Georgia while Dee was sent off to school in Augusta, GA and after six years Dee comes to visit them with a friend named Hakim-a-Barber .When she returns Mama is shocked on how different Dee is, both parties struggle to get accustomed to each other and causes awkwardness between them.Dee starts to look through Mama 's items and finds quilts that were passed down to her and wants to take them, but Mama already promised Maggie she 'll give them to her when she gets married. Mama keeps her promise and let Maggie have them, Dee gets upset then leaves with Mr.Barber. The central theme is of the story is to embrace your roots, culture and environment you grew up with.The author uses direct and indirect characterization to show Dee 's disassociation with her heritage while Mama and Maggie appreciate the items that have been passed down from generation to generation.
The author uses direct characterization to show Mama 's attachment to her items that have been passed
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