Everyone Suffers the Effects of Alcoholism

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Every day in the United States, people young and old, men, women, and even children suffer from the effects of alcoholism. Alcoholism is a persistent and constantly growing disease brought about by the over-drinking of alcoholic beverages. Personal life issues and serious, even life threatening, health problems can occur when a person gets caught up socially or privately in the use of alcohol. This problem and many cases leads to repeated drinking over months and years. Whether someone is a social drinker or an every weekend binge drinker the over exposure to the chemicals in alcohol eventually cause the body to become addicted and need more at a time to get the same effect. Withdrawal symptoms occur in the body when consumption suddenly decreases or stops. A true alcoholic never knows how much he or she will drink, how long they will drink, or what consequences will occur from their drinking. And, it is possible for a person to have a problem with alcohol even while it has not progressed to the point of alcoholism. A person could have a so called “drinking problem” or he may have an alcohol addiction problem. The once in a blue moon drinker who takes part in partying with his friends for New Year’s Eve then suffers the hang over and swears not to drink that much again for a long time is not who we are talking about. No, a person with a drinking problem plans to be drinking for the purpose of getting drunk often. Drinking too much can cause a lot of problems
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