Everyone knows that NASA is capable of discovering and inventing new, majorly important

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Everyone knows that NASA is capable of discovering and inventing new, majorly important technologies, like Velcro for example. But then again, why inconvenience hardworking taxpayers by spending tons of their money exploring outer space? To possibly uncover why there may have been water on The Red Planet thousands of years back when we have perfectly good water here on Earth at our disposal. These prodigious minds could very well be finding more efficient ways to satisfy humanity's unquenchable thirst for new, cheap energy forces or feeding the millions of children starving worldwide. Obviously they should pull their heads out of the clouds and focus on making life on Earth better before they focus all their attention on the heavens.…show more content…
They played a major part in decreasing the death rate of heart disease and stroke patients, lowering the number of HIV- related deaths, and creating vaccines for infectious diseases that once caused epidemics and killed millions (NIH). Now imagine the medical breakthroughs agencies like this could have made if they received more funding and a greater portion of each Federal dollar. A little less than 6 cents of every Federal dollar spent is dedicated to space exploration, almost equivalent to the 10 cents per dollar spent on health (Chamberlain). If our nation puts its aspirations ahead of its necessities, then every single person’s standard of living declines. Certainly, it's impressive that the people at NASA are able to hoist technology up to the next step over and over again with artificial satellites and larger than life space shuttles, but why not use these ingenious minds to invent technology that benefits all of us directly? (Photo) Since millions of people around the globe are suffering or even on the verge of death each day, those who spend increasingly more money on technology for outer space exploration ought to they realize that they are truly the killers. Space exploration inspires hope in young children and gives them something to aspire to, but obviously that’s all it should remain, a desire until the
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