Eve's Apology In Defense Of Women

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Aemilia Lanyer uses irony and sarcasm in her poem, “Eve’s Apology in Defense of Women”. She uses sarcasm to address the issue of female inequality, and uses imagery and ironic undertones to make the poem effective. In the first stanza, Lanyer begins the poem with an image of a woman being equal with men and at times even better. She states that Pilate should have listened to his wife when she asked him to spare her savior, Jesus’ life. Lanyer is establishing the theme of defending women because she is putting Pilate’s wife in a holier and more esteemed position than him. She begged for “her Savior’s life”. (8), and yet, Pilate did not take her advice, and opted instead to have nothing to do with it, which was more cowardly than what his wife

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