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Evidence Based Practice/ Clinical Question Pain…fever…oozing pus. Who would want to experience that? The answer is no one. Yet, out of the sixty to seventy of women who undergo a cesarean section, twelve percent will experience these symptoms due to a surgical site infection (SSI) ("Adjunctive Azithromycin Prophylaxis for Cesarean Delivery", 2017). SSI are the primary cause of mortality and morbidity amongst cesarean section women. SSI are linked to increased length of stay, hospitalization rate, and healthcare costs. Many cases of SSIs are preventable with appropriate preoperative preparation and surgical technique (McKibben et. al, 2015). One specific prophylactic method is the use of antibiotics preoperatively. Using an EBP model, PICO, …show more content…

After each procedure in the policy there are accompanying research and EBP articles that supports all policy procedures. Clinical Question One of the first steps in creating best evidence based practice policies is finding a clinical issue and compiling it into a clinical question. A clinical question is composed of four basic elements: population, intervention, comparison, and outcome. The first component is population. The population is the targeted group or groups that the clinical issue affects. For this composition the population will be pregnant women who will be undergoing a cesarean section. The second component is intervention. The intervention suggests a solution to the stated clinical problem. My suggested intervention is the continued use of antibiotics pre-operatively in the prevention of SSI. Comparison is the third component of the PICO. The comparison has an alternative option to compare risks and benefits. The chosen comparison will be the nonuse of pre-operative antibiotics versus the use of antibiotics. The fourth and final element of the clinical question is the outcome. The outcome is the measurable end result in which one would like to accomplish ("LibGuides: Nursing Resources: PICO-Clinical Question", 2017). My chosen outcome will be the decrease in SSI in cesarean section patients through the use of pre-operative antibiotics. After compiling each component

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