Evidence Of Possession In The Case Of Evangelista V. Santiago

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equivalent to its evidence of ownership. The author seeks to differentiate these two concepts.

In the case of Evangelista v. Santiago[ G.R. No. 157447, April 29, 2005.] it has been held that ownership is “the right of an owner or the extent of his interest, by which means he can maintain control and, as a rule, assert a right to exclusive possession and enjoyment of the property”.

In the case of the United States v. Lim Chingco,[ G.R. No. L-5482, January 15, 1910.] possession has been defined as “the detention or enjoyment of a thing which a man holds or exercises by himself or by another who keeps or exercises it in his name.” Possession has been further discussed in an article as follows: “In England, as we have seen, a possessor by virtue of that possession acquires a right in the property, …show more content…

(2003) The importance of possession in the common law tradition. Coventry Law Journal, volume 8 (1): 1-13. ]. Possession is then the evidence of ownership of a personal property. Thus, possession is also a form of evidence of ownership of a motor …show more content…

The contrast here is the more primitive one between ownership as the assertion of a right against others and possession as a physical fact, as a relation to the

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