Evil In Macbeth Analysis

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The Evil in Macbeth
The presents of evil in the play of Macbeth written by Shakespeare is strong and there's no doubt about it. Macbeth is a play about Macbeth becoming a murderous king until his demise, started by his wife Lady Macbeth making him commit the first murder. The evil takes many forms and enters many characters like a disease. So really, Macbeth is built on evil, from beginning to end and so what that there are a few scenes in the play that there is no evil. Shakespeare’s dictionary that he uses, ties in the emotion and drama and emphasizes the actions that the characters are playing out in the play, it just works so well. Shakespeare strikingly conveys the presences of evil through showing detailed images with his figurative
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Who knows, when scientists started to take over in the seventeen hundreds, a woman scientist would often be accused a witch, if she made too good accusations. So this idea of Macbeth becoming king, taints his mind, causing the play to start, so really the story of Macbeth would never happen if the witches never met Macbeth. Shakespeare cleverly uses people’s fears to actually start the story, if this didn’t happen, Macbeth would never have the nerve to kill Duncan. Well that happens in act two where the evil caused by the witches spreads further.

In act two the witches have send Lady Macbeth a letter, causing the evil to spread to her, with this idea of her becoming queen. Before Lady Macbeth has gotten the letter though, she was still mischievous, and greedy, it's just the idea of her gaining power, fuels her on convincing Macbeth to kill Duncan. This is more painful for Macbeth then Duncan because he’s killing his king and one of his friends. “Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red” 2.2.63-65. This line from Macbeth sums it up, he’s saying that the deed is done and there's no undoing it, so the blood from the deed will always be on Macbeth’s hands and will never wash away. Also Shakespeare has used all the water in Neptune’s ocean just to show how big a deed this really is, and that none of that water will get rid of the blood. It's

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