Evils of Money and Industrialization in the Film, The Wages of Fear

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Evils of Money and Industrialization in the Film, The Wages of Fear The messages or themes of The Wages of Fear are fairly easy to understand. Among them all, the strongest of these messages is that, simply, money and greed can corrupt and even kill. This message is clear in several aspects of the film. For example, the plot of the story is that several men take on an incredibly dangerous task, knowing they could die, because the completion of the task could bring them a large sum of money. Of course, the incentive behind their choice can be attributed to the local American oil company that is offering the money, which controls the local economy in the first place (the implication is that these men would not have to…show more content…
One could argue that the characters own lust for money and material objects caused them to take the job transporting the nitroglycerine, and it is their own fault for what happened. After all, when the American oil company went in search of people to hire for the task, they made it very clear what the dangers were, and were entirely honest with the drivers about the possible consequences that they could face. If this argument is to hold fast then, the reasons that the four men, Mario, Bimba, Luigi, and Jo, accepted the job must be explored more closely. Was it only the lust for money that caused them to put themselves in danger, or did they have other motives? To answer this question, the first two characters that should be looked at are Jo and Mario. These are the two characters who undergo the largest character development throughout the film, and who have the most in-depth reasons for putting themselves in danger. First, there is Jo. He is the older career criminal/gangster/ tough guy. His life revolves around portraying an image of being couth, and projecting his superior ego on other people. Mario is the younger tough-guy, still trying to make a reputation for himself, who believes that by hooking up with Jo he can gain some respect from the other people around him. For
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