Evolution : A Scientific Theory

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According to National Center for Science Education, evolution is a scientific theory that explains the emergence of new varieties of living things in the past and in the present. Evolution accounts for the striking patterns of similarities and differences among living things over time and across habitats through the action of biological processes such as natural selection, mutation, symbiosis, gene transfer, and genetic drift. There has been an ongoing debate between religion and science as to whether evolution truly takes place. It may be possible for religion and scientific reasoning to support one another when it comes to evolutionary theory. Many who support the Christian faith are against evolution and believe God is the creator of …show more content…

This supports the concept of microevolution. There are beliefs that the children born in Generation X and Z are more intelligent opposed to those who were born in the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers Generation. The children of Generation X and Z were exposed to more technological advances than earlier Generations, which forces their minds to think quicker in order to keep up with the vastly changing technological world.
“Karl Rahmer believes in the notion of “active self-transcendence.” God is interiorly present to evolving creatures, not simply enabling them to exist in a static way, but enabling them to transcend what they already are. The power of self-transcendence comes from within the creature, but it is a power that finally comes not from the creature, but from the ongoing creative activity of God. God upholds and empowers the process of evolution from within, as the power enabling creation itself to bring about something new (Edwards, p. 89).”
God is very intelligent and he created humans in his image. God has given living things the ability to evolve and/or adapt to their environment. “How does the organism know what kind of genetic mutation is needed in order to become the kind of entity that will be able to survive a new environment? Cells must have been pre-programmed by an intelligent mind that designed them to experience limited adaptation to a changing environment (Geisler & Bocchino, p.147).”
In colder climates, humans and animals tend

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