Evolution Of A Revolution : Live From Tehran An Abc Broadcast By Peter Jennings And Persepolis

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There are three central themes present in the two movies, Evolution of a Revolution: Live from Tehran an ABC broadcast by Peter Jennings and Persepolis by Vincent Paronnaud, Marjane Satrapi. The two movies demonstrate the rising of Iranian Islamic Revolution and its cause and effect on the people of Iran. The three central themes within the movies are political culture and religion and exile. Firstly, in Evolution of a Revolution demonstrates within Iran the political powers have utilized their power to control the population, by coercive, oppressive force and manipulating the population’s ideologies. Secondly, Persepolis demonstrates a first person perspective of a cultural ideology which is ever changing, where new ideas and thought provoke change within the current cultural structure of Iranians (Intellects) like Marjane and her family. This can be demonstrated within the Islamic Revolution of Iran where the people of Iran moved away from the modernization and went back to their traditional culture of Islam through the influence of Ayatollah Khomeini and went against Khomeini teachings because they were very strict on the new law of the state. Lastly, in both the movies religion is demonstrated as cause for oppression and exile. Therefore, the two movies Evolution of a Revolution and Persepolis demonstrate the cause and effect of the Iranian Revolution where Evolution of a Revolution demonstrates the history, while Persepolis demonstrates a personal perspective of the

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