Evolution Of The Human Society

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The history of the evolution of the human society has been marked by certain trends and practices that had been established by our early predecessors and has been in vogue since. It is on the fundamentals of these established trends and patterns that the societal web of the human civilization has sprung up and thrive giving rise to a complex structure of the ethnicity, traditions and the mores that the modern man lives in (Bogucki, 1999). Since ages imperceptible man and women have coexisted with each other in the cycle of life. It was opined even in the scared literatures of numerous cultures, that had professed and man and women to be the completing elements for each other (Chang and Chang, 1998). Not only is the continuation of the life cycle is dependent on a balanced relation and effort between man and woman but they happen to be eternal partners in all the challenges of life. Yet as the ages heralded, soon it became more than clear that women due to their physical characteristics were gradually started to get considered as the fairer and the weaker gender that was dependent upon the shelter and protection from Man – the stronger and the more dominant of the two genders. This laid the seeds of inequality between the two genders that slowly developed many other facets of vices in the later ages to come (Pettit and Hook, 2009).

History of Male privilege:

The sub sequential ages of history spells an innumerable occasions when during course of evolution of
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