Evolution of Human Resource Management in the Past Decade

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Abstract The paper discusses how the field of Human Resource Management has evolved over the past decade. It also highlights the specialized areas of Human Resource Management that are providing great opportunities for college students to pursue a career in Human Resource Management The field of human resource management has evolved a great deal over the past decade. Systems are far more sophisticated than they used to be which has allowed many improvements as the flow of information is much smoother internally. It must be taken into consideration that the economic downturn had benefited the HR as it has given HR an opportunity to shine. Outsourcing has been dominant over the past ten years and HR is responsible for handling and making use of outsourcing opportunities. Workforce diversity is a common feature these days, however it has picked up speed in the past decade, unbiased and fair recruitment has opened up opportunities for people belonging to different backgrounds. The role of HR professionals has evolved over the years and now they are considered to be alongside the top management with CFO, SMO and CEO. HR executive is now considered to be an integral part of the organization and a key member of the senior leadership team. Human Resources have a much broader internal and external base and it has the ability to understand the organization from all aspects therefore HR is best suited in a role of strategic business partner. Most of the organizations have
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