Evolution of Oracle Time Machine: FlashBack Essay

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Evolution of Oracle Time Machine: FlashBack
“It’s gone by mistake”. We human beings are tend to make mistakes. But what happens when this mistake committed by database user. Is there any simple recycle bin concept or simple time travelling concept?? The answer is YES, there is.
Sometimes it’s just simple a query or some data cleansing methods used by the users or data librarians, whatever may the cause be, data-loss is a very common phenomenon. Backup and recovery methods are provided by the Oracle database management systems which ensure the safety of valuable data in case of data loss however, not all data-loss situations can utilize the complete and tedious recovery concepts from the backup. Oracle introduced flashback features from …show more content…

Changes made to the database which includes user data and data dictionary are recorded in the Oracle redo log files. This redo log file plays a critical role during database recovery. Oracle Log Miner enables to query the contents of the redo log files with the help of the SQL interface.
Oracle9i: Flashback Query wan first introduced in Oracle 9i. It enables the user to view the database as it existed at a point in time in the recent past using DBMS_FLASHBACK package .This functionality was enhanced from Oracle 9i release 2 onwards with the addition of the "AS OF TIMESTAMP" clause to the SELECT statement.
Oracle10g: Two major improvements has been made in the backup and recovery areas in Oracle 10g.If there is a logical corruptions occur in the database ,oracle flashback technology provides fast and flexible data recovery.
Some of the extended features includes -FlashBack database (One of the fastest way to bring back the database to a prior point in time without restoring from the backup.),Flashback Stand By Database, Flashback Drop (user can restore table that were dropped accidentally),Flashback Table(User can recover a table without restoring it from backup),Flashback Row History, Flashback Transaction History(User can audit and diagnose database transactions),User can issue ALTER DATABASE BEGIN BACKUP and END BACKUP statements when the database is open.
Oracle11g: With Oracle Database 11g, we have a new option available, called Total Recall

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