Evolution of selling Essay

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The Evolution of Selling from the 1950's to the Present

The evolution of selling changed the way salespeople, companies and major industries valued their customer's needs. Each organization would use certain methodologies and techniques that over time would develop, mature and grow to make those organizations much more successful and valued. Also as the customers themselves, started becoming more sophisticated, closing sales took more effort and time. Therefore the salespeople had to be trained differently and have more knowledge about the products and services they were offering. From the 19th century until present, a lot more techniques and methods of sales and selling developed further. Corporate selling really began
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Anthony Robbins, leveraged and enhanced NLP, by applying the principles to the sales profession. This new trend matured in the 1990s and focused on subconsciously building trust and influence with others (qtd. In "The Evolution of Selling."RSVPSelling. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Oct. 2013.) During this period there was also serious research being done concerning successful sales behaviors measured from the perspective of professional buyers. This research was led by Neil Rackham from Huthwaite, he developed SPIN Selling. He explains SPIN selling as “the forerunner of today’s value-based approach to professional sales, it created a methodology that revolutionized professional selling,which focused on problems and the specific business benefits of resolving them by implementing solutions”. Neil Rackham's influence and contribution to selling was everlasting. But even with his revolutionary approach many sales people continued to operate below the level of expected. Sales people were still using the FAB techniques, yet the business world was slowly changing. The 1980's later became known as the strategic era, where firms began matching resources with marketing concepts, and setting long term plans. Therefore, this became a time where big corporations were formed that still exist today. For example Microsoft started to take flight in the mid 1980's. In 1990 numerous sales process methodologies developed
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