Ex Machina Movie Analysis

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Ex Machina goes above and beyond when it comes to science fiction and philosophy, if anything the movie leaves us with more question than answers. In the movie we are introduced to Caleb, a person we think has won the lottery only to find out he was chosen to be a participant for a Turing Test against AI, Ava, to see if she can pass as human. We are also introduced to Nathan who is the AI’s father of some sorts, he is wild, crazy genius that throughout the movie we are never sure if he is trustable or not. Nathan represents humanity at its darkest state; he is a self-destructive drunk who seeks his own demise. When he talks about the future and how the robots he created will take over the world, he talks about with awe like he can’t wait for …show more content…

The reason being is so that Caleb will know, without a doubt that Ava is a robot, and not human. We learn about Ava along with Caleb through ‘sessions’ and that she likes to draw. Was that all a scheme just so Ava could do what she is programmed to do? Or does she actually have consciousness? I believe this revealed at the end of the scene when Ava kills Nathan, and leaves Caleb locked up in the house forever. At one point you would think it was to get revenge for being locked up but on the other hand, escaping, and acting like a ‘human’ is what Ava was programmed to do. Not only that but what Ava did was, in my opinion, an inhuman thing to do. She had only one concern, and that was escaping, and tricking people she was human. There was no concern or internal battle with herself when she basically killed two people and left her robot sister ‘dead’ on the ground. There was also no sense of emotion when she loses her own arm, so can Ava really have a conscious? Or was that scene created just to trick the audience as well? When it comes to Kiyoko’s betrayal against her God, it’s believed to be because of the abuse he treated her with. In my opinion I believe Ava reprogrammed her somehow when she ‘whispered’ in her ear, and then used her as a pawn to

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