Exam Process At Burgmann As A School

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There was serendipity in your comments regarding reviewing the exam process in senior school. I have been stewing on the process for two years now, to the point that, I have enrolled my son at Gungahlin College because I honestly don’t know if as a family, we can go through another two years of the stress and temporary destruction it brings to us. I am of the understanding exam conditions do change in Year 11 and 12, something I would welcome. We are still in the process of making the final decision as we also appreciate the many good aspects that Burgmann as a school delivers. I am writing to let you know that changes in the exam process at Burgmann would greatly influence my decision. Having spoken to numerous other parents I am not the only one that holds concerns about the stress caused and the validity of results from the examination process. I would like to make the following points, from a parents perspective, to assist in anyway with your review. First and foremost, how do educators expect to get the best out of students and really assess their depth of knowledge and capabilities when they are jamming 7 exams into 3 days (although in our case due to accommodations it is 4 days). Nowhere else in their university or working lives are they going to experience such a scenario. There are different methodologies of testing a student’s knowledge, simply having a bank of exams over a short amount of time does not by virtue of time restraints allow students to
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