Test Taking Strategies

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Introduction Preparations for tests should ideally begin much earlier than shortly before the actual test taking period. Indeed, many students perform dismally in their tests because of their failure to understand this and many other principles of test and exam preparation. In addition to discussing how students should prepare for tests, this text will also identify the various strategies which should be embraced by students during test taking in an attempt to enhance performance. Preparing For Tests In some circles, failure to plan is more often than not likened to planning to fail. As I have already pointed out in the introductory section, preparing for tests should begin way before the actual exam or test taking period. Indeed, in the opinion of Gardner, Jewler and Barefoot (2008), "believe it or not, you actually begin preparing for a test on the first day of the term." According to the authors, all the assigned readings as well as lecture notes should constitute an important part of this very preparation. It is however important to note that although having well-organized lecture notes and completing all the assigned readings before sitting an exam does not guarantee an individual success in the same; it surely does give one a head start prior to the exam period. To help students prepare well for any test, Gardner, Jewler and Barefoot (2008) offer some useful suggestions, some of which I will highlight herein. To begin with, one should attempt to gather as much
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