Examining the Behavior Between Media and Antisocial Aggressive Behavior in Teenagers

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Nowadays, aggressive and violent behaviour have been said to be caused by media violence in many researches. Media violence has been defined as “visual portrayals of acts of physical aggression by one human or human-like character against another” while violent behaviour is defined as overt and intentional physically aggressive behaviour against another person. I found that PsycINFO database from Ovid is useful and reliable as apart from providing clear reference details for every text, it highlights keywords in search results, and this really raise efficiency. The following three research papers are the most relevant sources for this topic. The increased public concern about the effects of violence displayed by different media, including…show more content…
Raw data was analysed with log-linear logistic regression analyses. The findings indicated that despite the existence of a history of aggressive behaviour, the hypothesis are supported. It was also consistent with the hypothesis that extensive television viewing helps to explain the association between certain environmental risks and subsequent aggressive behaviour, and also the bidirectional relationship between television violence and aggressive behaviour. The difference in the content of programs watched by males and females during adolescence and early adulthood is yet to be explored. There has been little research has tested the general effect of violent lyrics on aggressive behaviour while holding musical tone constant, even very little research directly comparing the effects of media violence presented through visual and auditory modes. This study was aimed to examine the effect of violent lyrics with musical tone held constant and compare the violent visual and auditory media effects. There were two hypotheses raised from this study: 1. Music-lyric combinations would arouse more aggression than music-alone or lyric-alone aggression. 2. Violent music lyrics, adding to any priming effects from violent visual media, would further increase the probability of aggressive behaviour. Participants in this study were 194 university students and staff (99 females, 85 males) most of whom were
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