Example Of A Public Speaking Community

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Discourse Community Analysis Do you fear of speaking in the public? If yes, you might be one of seventy-four percentage of Americans who suffer from ‘glossophobia’ – a public speaking anxiety (source: ‘National Institute of Mental Health’, 23 Nov. 2013). You might also be surprised to know that a large number of people fear of speaking in the public than their death. Well, I was also afraid of presenting in the crowd some years ago when I was in the high school, but now I can effectively do it. The following essay is to convey to you, my classmates and my instructor, how I effectively joined a public speaking community by learning presentation and persuasive skills as well as by proving myself above board. After completing my high school, I was in the application process for my further studies. I got an opportunity to join this community when I was in the capital of my country – Kathmandu. The public speaking community I joined was named ‘SMART CLUB’, a group of more than fifty high school graduates who endeavored to be successful speakers. The purpose of this club was to train the members to speak in the public effectively by providing a platform to learn how to present themselves into the public. The meetings were held every Saturday morning from 6 am to 9 am, where three speakers would speak in any of the pre-decided, self-decided or impromptu topics each. There were two commentators who used to comment on two areas: the way of presentation and the content of the speech.
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