Example Of Abortion Paper

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Ashley: I personally believe that, though we may lack knowledge on many issues, it is possible that when we are presented with issues within numerous contexts, that our opinion of the issue may change. For example, I may normally hold strong opinions regarding abortion and I may identify as conservative in which if you asked me on any given day I will support pro-life. However, if you approached me with a question that established a situation in which the mother could die from giving birth or the child would following the pregnancy, I may switch my opinion and approve of an abortion. This may look like my opinions are changing, however, it is not because I am unknowledgeable but rather that the context in which I normally approached these opinions has changed. Also, how important to your final grade is it that people are generally knowledgeable about most political opinions affiliated with their party?
Speaker: I believe that many beliefs coincide with one another and because of this should be consistent with one’s political identification.
Ashley: Suppose I am knowledgeable about issues I classify as important to me however, fall short on other political issues my party affiliation would consider essential to their beliefs system, would I still receive a failing grade?
Speaker: What do you think?
Ashley: I think that it is an unreasonable …show more content…

Ashley: Basically, your grading scale needs to be curved to account for the individual importance of issues as well as the context that is being provided within your questions and within the current political climate at the time of your questions. When you account for these factors I believe you will find that answers are more consistent and knowledgeable. However, if your requirements of a passing grade require individuals to always make well informed opinions about all political issues important to their party, you would definitely be handing out numerous failing grades, including one to

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