Example Of Auditor Competence

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2.2 Auditor Competence
Auditor competence is related to the experience and education in the field of auditing (Power and Terziovski, 2007). Also is personal attributes of the auditor which enables to achieve superior performance (Lasmahadi, 2002). To achieve the competence first should begin with formal education which further explore through experience of audit work. The auditor should take the technical training which is cover the general education and technical aspects (Samagaio and Rodrigues, 2016). And the junior auditor can achieve their competence by gain their professional experience through the audit work and review the work of the senior auditors. Competence is a sufficient skill which can be used to perform an audit objectively (Lee & Stone, 1995) and measured with four formative indicators: (1) planning, (2) knowledge, (3) experience, (4) supervision. (1) Planning: a good audit planning will make auditor possibly have competence to …show more content…

The audit planning is designed to allow the auditor to evaluate and conduct the business risks, develop specific audit program and scope to test in the audit process (KosmalaMacLullich, 2003). The auditors with a good audit planning will generate more efficient audits, it can help them to maintain the competitive and their clients because the efficient audits can increase the competence and the audit quality. If the auditor with a poor audit planning, will generate a poor allocation of work, the auditor will inadequate attention to high risk areas, they will difficult to find the material misstatements, it will make a loss of their competence and get a poor audit quality. (2)

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