Example Of Critical Thinking

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The terms “Critical”, “Criticism” and “Critic” all begin from the ancient Greek word “Kritikos”, meaning able to judge, distinguish or choose In modern English, a “Critic” is somebody whose job is to create evaluative judgements, for example, on films, books, music or food. It means expressing a fair and unprejudiced opinion on something. As far as Education is concerned, critical thinking is a cognitive activity related to using mind. Learning to think in vital, diagnostic and evaluative ways means using mental processes such as attention, categorisation, selection and judgement. Critical thinking is the capacity to transfer knowledge learned from certain disciplines to other cognitive areas (Bronson, 2008). It involves not only the …show more content…

( Friere 1989; Kincheloe 2004) . Critical pedagogy is a personal life long journey. It is qualitatively different for each early childhood and elementary teacher and candidate because every person has a unique world view. It is through reflection on our lived experiences, especially in classroom with young children, that we can choose to look more introspectively as if into a prism and visualise how the common place could be further interpreted by each of our students or co-workers and try to accept life from their perspectives.(Friere 1989). Critical pedagogy assists us in understanding what happens when we fail to take into account the richness of cultural knowledge that walks into the classroom with our students and families. (Darder, Baltodano and Tore (2009) ,Greene (1995), remind us that critical pedagogy has the potential to illuminate teachers thinking and enhance their teaching

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