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Disruptive innovation was a term coined by Professor Clayton Christensen (A US Scholar and Teacher) of the Harvard Business School in his 1997 book, ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’. Professor Christensen said, in order for a business to be disruptive, it must gain a foothold in a low-end market (Christensen Institute, 2017). Disruptive innovation can be described as a specific way that smaller companies can outcompete, and probably even destroy bigger rivals in the same industry. Sometimes this could even be a corporate strategy to gain a foothold in industrial domination or a greater market share.

Over the past few decades, there have been several kinds of disruptive innovations that have changed markets globally, thus affecting our daily lives. For example the gratification of having cell phones to make phone calls at any given place to the time when we need only our cell phone as the single gadget replacing our camera, Walkman, recorder, alarm clock, torch, computer, telephone, TV and much more. These transformations have transitioned into our everyday lives (SEIER CAPITAL, 2017).

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However, not all the businesses that are disruptive are innovative. Clayton Christensen has classified this in his article for the Harvard Business Review correcting the record on what he defines as true innovative disruptions (Fortune, 2017). As mentioned earlier, for a business to be disruptive, it must gain a foothold in a low-end market. When using a search engine to access information about disruption or innovation, one may come across different variations of disruption and innovation. There are 3 notably common types of disruptions. They

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