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Last weekend me and my friends went to Hillsboro to play laser tag. We walked off campus and from the very moment we got near the car it was expected that the guys would get first pick as to where they sat, because of how society places gender based norms upon us naturally we did not think twice as to ho this could have been a bad thing. We pile in and the car roars alive, we begin down the road and eventually come to a stoplight the driver(male 1) expresses a desire to race the car parked next to us, he puts the car in park and slowly revs the engine with his feet. Signaling a type of international code that exclaims, “ I can drive faster than you, let me prove it”. The other car does not acknowledge the invitation of battle. Our driver …show more content…

When we got there we checked into our already booked spot and geared up to play this “game”. Everyone receives a gun and and some form of protection, googles or a suit. You are handled a weapon that not really considered a weapon because it is filled with paint, and with this weapon the goal is to try to shoot someone as many times as you possibly can. We walked out onto the battlefield and our eyes opened with awe the bright green field was littered with exiting obstacles to dodge bullets with, excitement filled our stomach and we could wait to get out on the field and shoot each other. The game began and slowly the stress set it, as one can imagine it is not fun to get shot with a paintball but it is fun to shoot some one with a paintball. We all scattered because it was as they call it, “everyman for them self” the boys felt that they needed to go easy on the girls because, “well your girls”(male 1). When it comes to violence many males seem to greatly enjoy it, the art of war appears to be programed in their blood in a very interesting way. We continue our game and shatter each other numerous times with paint balls and having a blast while doing it, many times the word “die!” is used in a very playful nonthreating way, at least it appeared

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